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Do You Believe? (2017):

A group of teenage friends spend the evening telling stories - only to find the stories are all too real.

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The Night Seekers (2014):

It was that time again for the friends to reunite at their yearly reunion. They decided on a week-long trip and wanted to go somewhere a bit more secluded this time around. Astro Island was...

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The Garlock Incident (2012):

On December 16th, 2011, eight people on their way to Las Vegas stopped in the ghost town of Garlock, California. This footage documents what happened.

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Hellriser (2017):

When their city is rocked by a series of brutal occult murders, veteran detective John Locke and his young partner Terri Keyes are forced to put aside their differences and follow the trail of evidence to a formerly abandoned asylum.

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Project October (2012):

On October 12th, 2011, NYPD encountered a young woman exiting a house in the Maspeth area of Queens, New York. She appeared to be in shock, carrying an old broadcast camcorder. When asked ...

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Turtle Island (2013):

A documentary filmmaker takes his three friends out into the woods of Vermont searching for Bigfoot.

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Mortal Remains (2013):

A docu-thriller focusing on the life, brief career, and mysterious death of Maryland filmmaker Karl Atticus, referred to by some as the godfather of the slasher film. Features interviews ...

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Messenger of Wrath (2017):

An independent 12 year old girl named Three is home alone late one night when her house is invaded by several masked intruders. While trying to escape from them she learns of a far more dangerous threat waiting outside.

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Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation (2013):

Crew of Paranormal Legends went to film their 4th season at the place where La Llorona (Weeping woman) was reportedly seen. Only thing thats left was 17 hours of tapes and 2 camcorders.

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Blood Woods (2017):

A group of criminals stumble upon a lodge after a bank heist. As they hold the owners hostage and plan their next move they encounter an evil in the woods that is hungry and will stop at nothing to feed on their flesh.

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