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Like.Share.Follow. (2017):

Garrett is a rising YouTube star. Shell is a deeply emotional fan. When they begin a romantic relationship, hes forced to question whether opening your life to strangers online is an ...

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Totem (2017):

A teen must resort to extreme measures to protect her family from a supernatural entity.

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The Last Revenants (2017):

A great plague has eradicated all vampires from the planet except for four lone female survivors of the species. They must integrate into society or risk extinction.

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Killing Ground (2016):

A couples camping trip turns into a frightening ordeal when they stumble across the scene of a horrific crime.

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The Limehouse Golem (2016):

A series of murders has shaken the community to the point where people believe that only a legendary creature from dark times - the mythical so-called Golem - must be responsible.

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Ryde (2016):

Technology brings us closer. Or perhaps it brings strangers, a little too close. But how much can you really trust someone? With a new ride share service, you never know who will be getting in a car with. Or if youll ever get out.

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Ascent to Hell (2014):

When a realtor shows an old New York factory building to a group of would-be investors, they are unwittingly caught in its tragic and sinister history.

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Darkness Rising (2017):

A woman and her friends break into her abandoned childhood home, where her mother went mad and nearly murdered as a child.

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The Duplex (2015):

Emeka found a property that he thought was a bargain until he moved in with his wife and they started experiencing very strange and frightening things. It was haunted.

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Paranoia Tapes (2017):

From the creators of After the Dawn, L.A. Maniac, Play Hooky, and Dirty B.O. , Comes a found footage movie that will surely put you on the edge of your seats. With the inspiration of true ...

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