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Haunted (2017):

An aspiring writer pays a visit to his sister to look after her house while she is out of town, but what he finds there is more terrifying than any of the stories he writes.

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Last Girl Standing (2015):

She survived a brutal massacre, but lost her life. What happens to the final girl after the credits roll?

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Exscind (2016):

After reading a magazine article about a case of multiple murders 50 years ago, an excited paranormal group sets out to investigate the site where the serial killers lived and where the ...

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Buzzard Hollow Beef (2017):

A psychedelic horror that follows a family, who after experiencing vivid hallucinations, believe that they have been poisoned by cannibalistic hillbillies.

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Death on Scenic Drive (2017):

A young woman named Larissa (Stephanie Ash), encounters an entity that transforms her into death itself, and reins a violent storm against Dallas Henson (Ry Barrett) and the family that resides there.

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Fall of Grace (2017):

A troubled couples lives descend into violence and madness after a demonic entity takes their daughter.

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Catatonia (2014):

The lone survivor of the brutal Oakhurst Sanatorium Murders, suffers from severe post-traumatic dissociative disorder in a state run mental health facility. Budget-cuts lead to the transfer...

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Black Luck (2016):

A hitman in hiding struggles to keep his monsters at bay when his dark past comes calling. Some days your LUCK just goes BLACK.

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The Forlorned (2017) :

A newly positioned lighthouse caretaker is haunted by a dark force and mysterious presence. Unlikely assistance is given to bring justice to the dark forces that lie within the lighthouse grounds.

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Badder Ben: The Final Chapter (2017):

Jaquie, a psychic, Schmiddy, a dyslexic cameraman, and Dave, apparently producer/financier, descend upon Tom Rileys abandoned house to learn what happened using all of their special skills...

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