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Gabriel (2007) :

GABRIEL tells the story of an archangel who fights to bring light back to purgatory - a place where darkness rules - and save the souls of the city's inhabitants.

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Prey for the Beast 2007:

A group of weekend warriors go into the woods to avoids the troubles of home life when they meet a group of sexy hikers out to do the same...

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The Devil's Chair (2006):

With a pocketful of drugs, Nick West takes out his girlfriend Sammy, for a shag and a good time. When they explore an abandoned asylum...

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Netherbeast Incorporated (2007):

A quirky twist on the vampire tale, set in modern day corporate America.

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True Blood S01E07:

After hearing a distressing recollection Sookie gave about her uncle, Bill takes action. Tara takes drastic measures in helping her mother. To satisfy his craving, Jason takes a road trip to Fangtasia.

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Trapped Ashes (2006):

Seven strangers on a Hollywood movie studio tour are trapped inside an infamous House of Horror and forced to tell their most terrifying stories to get out alive.

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Devil's Mercy (2008):

In "Devil's Mercy," a couple and their six-year-old son move into an old Connecticut house where the boy soon becomes distraught with thoughts of monsters dwelling in the attic.

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Born 2007:

Mary Elizabeth goes to bed alone one night, still a 21 year old virgin, and wakes up the next morning...

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Nightmare (2007):

A mind-body disconnect - that's what causes sleep paralysis, a terrifyingly real experience in which someone awakes momentarily made of stone...

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Sympathy (2007):

When a reckless bank robber and his rebellious teenage hostage hole up for the night in a bad motel...

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