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Kill List (2011):

Nearly a year after a botched job, a hitman takes a new assignment with the promise of a big payoff for three killings.

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Silent House (2011):

Trapped inside her familys lakeside retreat, a young woman finds she is unable to contact the outside world as events become increasingly ominous in and around the house.

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016):

A father and son, both coroners, are pulled into a complex mystery while attempting to identify the body of a young woman, who was apparently harboring dark secrets.

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After meeting online, Jack and Kristy go on a weekend getaway to the woodlands of rural Missouri. While discovering each other, they soon learn of the terrorizing horrors that the forest has in store.

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The Perfect Husband (2014) :

A married couple decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin, but the romantic journey takes a turn for the worst, when a sneaking suspicion becomes pure madness.

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Asylum of Darkness (2017):

After awakening in a mental asylum, a patient plans an escape to freedom, but finds an even more disturbing, supernatural world on the outside, one that threatens to keep him trapped in madness forever.

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Staunton Hill (2009):

Its the fall of 1969 and winds of a change are blowing across America. But on a remote family farm in the hills of Virginia, a storm of evil has been brewing for years.

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Mimesis (2011):

A group of horror fans find themselves unwilling participants in a nightmarish role playing game that pays homage to a classic horror film.

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Albino Farm (2009):

College students exploring the Ozark Mountains for a school assignment, stumble upon a group of scary, redneck cave-dwellers.

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Sam Was Here aka Nemesis (2016):

California, Mojave Desert, 1998. A strange glow appears in the sky. Sam, a forty-something door-to-door salesman, travels through the few inhabited zones of the Californian desert in search...

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