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Billy the Kid (2013) :

A bounty hunter from New Mexico and a gang of horsemen called Four of the Apocalypse set their sights on the town of Dogma.

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Yellow Rock (2011):

Five men ride into the eerie town of Yellow Rock, hoping to rescue a family member and his lost boy...

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Sixgun (2010):

Silas identifies the man that killed his wife and kidnapped his child,15 years prior,as Frank Valance; The new gubernatorial candidate, and plans to assassinate him.

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Dead Mans Burden (2012) :

A western set on the New Mexico frontier a few years after the Civil War and centered on a struggling young family and the mining company who wants to buy their land.

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17 Miracles (2011):

As part of the Willie Handcart Company, Levi Savage (Jasen Wade) feared that leaving late in the season would lead to despair and death...

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Gunfight at La Mesa (2010):

Tate Noble returns to the town of his youth where as a boy his parents were murdered. His childhood friend Samuel...

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Snowblind ( 2010):

Notorious gunman Clayton Young is given a last minute pardon from death row, only to be sent on an assassination mission for the ruthless Governor Lafort.

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Into the Woods (2012) :

Six friends take the deadliest challenges of their lives when they go into the woods, where a hunter of human lives lurk in the bushes and trees on a mountain top far in the woods of Los ...

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Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts (2012):

John Goodnight crosses paths with a stagecoach under attack and comes to the rescue of its passengers, one of whom is a beautiful woman who may or may not have been a prisoner being ...

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The Mountie aka The Way Of The West (2011):

A lone Mountie has come to town to clean up the crime and corruption after finding an innocent man dead...

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