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Portrait of a Beauty (2008) ENGLISH SUBS:

Born to a family of established court painters, seven-year-old Yun-jeong is a young girl gifted at painting.

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Moscow Chill (2007):

A loner American computer hacker is brought to Russia to commit bank fraud, only to find a family and love in the incomprehensible, violent, and chaotic Moscow underworld.

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Wind Chill (2007):

Two college students share a ride home for the holidays. When they break down on a deserted stretch of road, they're preyed upon by the ghosts of people who have died there.

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E-Athletes 2008:

For a year and half we followed two professional Counterstrike teams

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Palo Alto, CA 2007:

On their last night of Thanksgiving break, four old friends, now all college freshmen, realize their small town has more meaning than they ever imagined.

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Knight Rider (2008):

When a group of ruthless mercenaries kill a reclusive scientist, his creation, a new model of artificially intelligent supercar, escapes to find his daughter and recruit a ex-soldier to thwart them.

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New York City Serenade (2007):

Two down on their luck childhood friends struggle to figure out their lives. Ray a drummer in a rock and roll band...

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American Idol 8x12:

Let the competition begin, as the first 12 of 36 semifinalists performs.

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Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (2007):

An anime continuation of the HIGHLANDER saga, following immortal Colin MacLeod's quest for revenge in the future.

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Beyond Loch Ness (2008):

James Murphey (Brian Krause) is a rugged cryptozoologist, who thirty years earlier, during a trip to Loch Ness...

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