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Waiting for Dublin (2007):

On New Year's Eve 1944, American pilot Mike Clarke (Andrew Keegan) inadvertently bets Al Capone's nephew $10,000...

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Dinosaur King Downtown Showdown 2009:

The D-Team, Max, Zoe and Rex, continue their race against the evil Alpha Gang in pursuit of the powerful dinosaur cards. Each of the mysterious cards unleashes a mighty dinosaur.

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Bob The Builder Built For Fun 2009:

Team up with Bob the Builder and the Can-Do Crew in five fun-tastic episodes as they build a radio station complete with a sky-high broadcast tower, play skidsies with Roley and Muck, design greenhouses out of recycled material and much, much more.

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Mesrine Part 2 Public Enemy nr 1 2008 english sub:

After nearly two decades of legendary criminal feats -- from multiple bank robberies and to prison breaks -- Mesrine was gunned down by the French police in Paris

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Heart of Karl (2008):

A lovely story of family issues. We have two brothers one of which is a hideous monster. This results in an institutionalization at the local care center. When the brother returns to get him back home, he quickly learns that something is not right.

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Dim Sum Funeral (2008):

A story about a group of estranged Chinese-American siblings who reunite after the death of their mother.

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Mesrine Part 1 Death Instinct 2008 english sub:

The story of french gangster Jacques Mesrine, before he was called Public Enemy N1.

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Internal Cumbustion 15 XXX 2009:

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Curry In A Hurry 2 2009 XXX :

Indian XXX

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The Wonder Pets Join The Circus (2009):

Nick Jr.s animated television series THE WONDER PETS uses a charming blend of innovative puppetry, adorable characters, and catchy musical numbers to teach important lessons about sharing, teamwork, and problem-solving.

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