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"Samurai Girl" (2008):

A teenage girl tries to balance a normal life as the adopted daughter of wealthy parents with the Samurai traditions of her ancestors.

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Mummy Maniac (2007):

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Grim Reaper (2007):

The stripper Rachel is hit by a cab but survives in the emergency room of a hospital. However, she sees Death chasing her...

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Michael Clayton (2007):

An attorney known as the Fixer in his law firm comes across the biggest case of his career that could produce disastrous results for those involved.

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Bloodlines (2007):

In the sticks of Kentucky, a demented family of inbreds begin the process of cleaning up their blood line...

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Frozen Flesh (2008):

Nothing can prepare you for the shocking experience of FROZEN FLESH - the most explicitly gory, shocking, bloody, and controversial movie ever made!

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Closing the Ring (2007):

A young man searches for the proper owner of a ring that belonged to a United States World War II bomber pilot who had crashed onto the Cave Hill just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland on 1st June 1944.

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Bloodline (2008):

One man's journey into the world of the so-called 'Bloodline' conspiracy, at the heart of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code...

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The Fall:

In a hospital on the outskirts of 1920s Los Angeles, an injured stuntman (Pace) begins to tell a fellow patient, a little girl with a broken arm (Untaru), a fantastical story about 5 mythical heroes.

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Cactus (2008):

A man is kidnapped from his city home in the quiet hours of the night and, the kidnapper, John Kelly...

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