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The Bad Kids (2016):

A group of teachers at a Mojave Desert high school take an unconventional approach to improve the lives of their struggling students.

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Ken Burns: Americas Storyteller (2017):

Tom Hanks hosts a tribute to acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns that explores the breadth and depth of his work, talks to many of his collaborators, and looks at his filmmaking process to understand how he makes American History come to life.

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Roanoke A Mystery Carved In Stone (2016):

For centuries, the disappearance of 117 colonists from Roanoke Island has been this countrys oldest mystery. Now, stonework experts Jim and Bill Vieira will use cutting-edge technology to take a deeper look ...

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Time Beings: Extreme Time Travel Conspiracies (2016):

The greatest minds in history have pointed to the theoretical possibility of time travel, but what if there were signs that human beings have already travelled through time?

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Where Youre Meant to Be (2016):

When a Scottish indie pop artist decides to re-write his countrys oldest songs, the only thing standing in his way is an ageing folk singer and centuries of history.

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The Last Days of George Michael (2017):

The final days of the late singer, George Michael.

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How Police Missed the Grindr Killer (2017):

The story of how police repeatedly allowed a serial murderer to slip through their fingers. Stephen Port date-raped and murdered four young gay men in East London within fifteen months and ...

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Tupac Assassination Battle For Compton (2017):

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Costa Rica Guanacaste National Park (2012):

Guanacaste National Park was created in 1989 to connect Santa Rosa National Park with the high elevation cloud forest of Orosi and Cacao volcanoes and across the continental divide to the Caribbean rainforest of Northern Costa Rica.

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Tower (2016):

Animation, testimony, and archival footage combine to relate the events of August 1, 1966 when a gunman opened fire from the University of Texas clock tower, killing 16 people.

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