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Neurons to Nirvana (2013) :

A stylish, in depth look at the renaissance in psychedelic drug research in light of current scientific, medical and cultural knowledge. The film explores these socially taboo substances as...

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Harry and Snowman (2015):

The story of immigrant Harry DeLeyer and the plow horse he rescued from slaughter.

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Fursonas (2016):

This documentary follows a few groups of Furries, as a social commentary of this fandom, its stigmas and how it is perceived through sensational media coverage.

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Kingdom of Shadows (2015):

Bernardo Ruiz takes an unflinching look at the human cost of the U.S.-Mexico drug war through the perspectives of three unlikely individuals.

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Unlocking the Cage (2016):

Between 2013 and 2015, a group of nonprofit attorneys seek nonhuman clients for whom they can advocate in two U.S. territories, in order to establish legal personhood for elephants, cetaceans and nonhuman apes in the U.S.

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American Gang Wars (2016):

Terrence Davis graduated from USC-Aiken and was accepted into film school in NYC for his masters. He landed an internship with Spike Lee and has been making movies/documentaries since.

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Off the Rails (2016):

The remarkable true story of Darius McCollum, a man with Aspergers syndrome whose overwhelming love of transit has landed him in jail 32 times for the criminal impersonation of NYC subway ...

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Chris DElia: Incorrigible (2015):

Stand-up comedian Chris DElia covers everything from grown-up babies, to evil dating and an NFL with real giants, lions and bears, oh my!

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Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again (2014):

A documentary that chronicles Jennifer Lopezs life on and off-stage during her first ever world tour.

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Wonderful World (2015):

Nature Documentary hosted by Eric Meyers, published by MangoFilm in 2015 - English narration.

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